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Soapbox: Voting is the Cornerstone of our Freedom

Soapbox: Voting is the Cornerstone of our Freedom

I was shocked at how many people believed the "big lie" that there was massive voter fraud  and the results of the election was in question despite all indications that it was the most free election in our history.  This "big lie" led to the insurrection and sedition at the Capitol and is now spawning laws in Republican states to restrict voting.   The Republicans come right out and say it -- that they will not win elections if everyone is allowed to vote.  But so many of our fathers, mothers, grandfathers and Americans of all races fought and died to preserve just that - one person, one vote.  It is truly the cornerstone of our freedom.  Instead of trying to find ways to prevent people from voting we should expand voting access and make it easier to vote.  Universal automatic voter registration, universal vote by mail, early voting and widely expanded voting locations and hours.   I do believe Election Day should be a national holiday so everyone can vote.

The basis of the Republican fears is, unfortunately, racism.  They really do not care about white people voting - Republicans have long supported mail-in voting and absentee ballots.  It is the black, brown and yellow people voting that scares them.  The demographics of our country are changing and there are simply more people of color that are eligible to vote and that has the potential to change the outcome of elections.  White supremacy must end and democracy must be strengthened.

While we are at the job of improving our freedoms, let's get rid of the Electoral College.  That vistage of a bygone era of slavery, class and white supremacy must end.  There is plenty of places for the individual states to hold power but the Presidency is too important for it not to be a free and fair election where the person with the most votes wins.

We join the long list of companies who speak out against the voter suppression laws passed recently in Georgia.  These companies include: Delta, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Apple, Google, American Express, Cisco and others.  It is likely that the MLB All-Star game will be moved for Atlanta as professional athletes continue to speak and act against racism.

Voter suppression is the symptom, the disease is racism.

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